Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boring New Week

I finished up the eat yummy homemade meals week with a fabulous pizza, full of sausage, mushrooms, and banana peppers. Now its time to do something else - exercise. I'm not very good at exercising. I hate running. I don't like swimming (in an exercise way I mean. I like being in a pool or lake or ocean). I despise gyms - the crowds mostly. I'm not a crowd person. Machines are also boring. But because of my school schedule and the weather, I haven't really been doing anything active other than walking over to my neighbor's house so I can borrow his 4-wheel drive vehicle and he can watch my dogs. My form of exercise for the past year has been hiking, but that just hasn't been happening. So I'm going to exercise every day this week, in some form or another. I went to the gym yesterday. I used a stairmaster and graded labs. And it's very boring to write about exercise, especially before I've had my coffee.