Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fast Food

I'm sitting here watching the depressing rain, grading depressing GRE essays, and drinking non-depressing coffee. I'm not eating anything though. This morning marks day 1 of my three day fast. Coffee is allowed, because if I didn't have some part of my morning food ritual intact, I think I'd go crazy. Juice is also allowed, if I get super hungry or lethargic. I have fasted twice before, and both times it was much more of a psychological challenge than a physical one. Actually, I never even got hungry those times, which I think is pretty wierd. But it was hard not to eat. I normally spend about 70% of my free time thinking about food, and usually I can indulge in the food process - shopping, recipe browsing, cooking, eating. But for the next three days that process will be off limits, but the amount of time I spend thinking about food won't change. It probably doesn't help that I've spent an hour this morning searching for wholesale fish distributors, because I wouldn't mind having twenty pounds of sushi fish in my freezer. I guess I'm embarking on some psychological torture. Or a battle of wills - mine against mine. This fast isn't only about my willpower though. Grad school makes me unhealthy - the whole being in town all day isn't really condusive to healthy eating or home cooking. And I drink more beer. So this fast is also a way to kick-start my future of eating healthily.

Which brings me to the socond part of the week. Once I have successfully fasted for three days, I will eat only home-cooked meals for the rest of the week. This will probably entail cooking something Tuesday night, which is unfortunate because I won't be able to eat it until Wednesday; or I will get up ridiculously early to cook something to bring to school for lunch and dinner. Once I'm allowed to cook, I'll be posting pictures of my culinary deliciousness.

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