Saturday, January 16, 2010

Movie Bust

So the whole classic movie thing turned out to be kind of a bust. Between school starting and various other very time-consuming things, I just didn't have time to watch movies. Also, apparently as soon as I'm in school, whether I'm using my brain or not (and you know not a whole lot of brain use ever goes on with me, much less the first week of school), all my powers of concentration instantly turn to mush. It's difficult for me to sit through two hours of any movie, and ones that require even the slightest iota of thought become almost impossible. During the semester, I tend to stick to such classics as "Mean Girls," "French Kiss," "Bring it On," and other such cinematic luminaries. So "The Seventh Seal" was the only one I got through.

However, with a stomach full of sushi and sake, and a clean bathroom (yes, I have extremely stimulating Saturday nights), I am prepared to take on week 3: writing. Every day. Fiction. Make believe. Imagination. I've written about three pages since I started grad school, and that makes me very unhappy. I've got all these great stories-in-progress, and more titles that just need stories to go along with them. I'm even developing a theme for a short story collection. "The Heaviest Pig in the World." "The Day the Worms Came Out." "The Town that Hanged an Elephant." "The Miracle of the Pigoon." Animals, folks. I'm writing about animals. A pigoon, for those of you who don't know, is a cross between a pig and a baboon. So the goal is to write every day. Maybe I'll only get a paragraph. Maybe I'll get five pages. But I'll do something that I theoretically love, and I will have a huge sense of accomplishment, whether it's one sentence or one hundred. And I can write whether my car is free from my driveway or not, whether I'm on campus for twelve hours a day or at home, whether my hearing has returned or not. I'll hopefully update this more often than last week, because hopefully this week will be successful. And I've got big plans for next next week. I'll have to figure out how to post pictures. That's all I'll say for now. But it's going to be good.

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