Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sushi! etc

This whole home-cooked meals thing is pretty great, except I did have to skip a Thai food lunch excursion, and I had to avoid having a delicious hamburger and even more delicious fries at the Boone Saloon. That was the most difficult part, because I am such a sucker for french fries (even though I don't really like mashed potatoes or my father's hash browns). I actually think I could have french fries pretty much every day and never get tired of them, especially if the food group included sweet potato fries (I don't know if those are French, but whatever, they're good).

Anyway, on Thursday night I made a flank steak, marinaded in yummy stuff and with sauteed onion and mushrooms. I also roasted a sweet potato and had sauteed spinach doused in balsamic vinegar.It was pretty much delicious, especially the onions. Now I have lots of steak leftover, which will be perfect for sandwiches with crunchy lettuce and horseradish (I can't believe I ever hated horseradish).

Last night was definitely the highlight of my week. First of all, it snowed. It's still snowing, although no very much and it looks like the storm is pretty. But it was coming down quite nicely last night as I chopped everything to get it ready for sushi. I had the biggest smile of my life on my face. You see, I have a special smile that only appears when sushi is involved. I have another smile that isn't quite so special, but it comes around when snow is in the air. So you combine sushi and snow, and you get a very, very happy me. We went a little experimental with sushi last night. Usually I just do tuna, spicy tuna, and usually I'll have shrimp or squid or scallop to play around with. And that's all we had last night, but my friend made a great spicy mayonnaise with nyum nyuk (that's not what it's actually called; it's just what we call it). I tried my hand at coating the rolls in panko and frying them, which was quite successful, though the scallop/scallion roll I did that with needed more flavor (I didn't realize how low I was on wasabi, so my wasabi mayonnaise was pretty weak). We coated another roll in a panko/coconut mix, which was really nice. Then of course there were the traditional tuna and spice tuna rolls, with cucumber, scallions, and avocado. Add in some ginger and sake and soy sauce, and you've got one of the world's most perfect dinners!

Sushi for two:

Sorry the picture's blurry - too much wine? You see, this is a little known fact, but the proper way to do sushi during a snowstorm is to drink wine while you're making the rolls, and then switch to sake while you're eating them

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